HP2006 Parallel Sessions


June 12, Monday, 3:30-6:10 PM

Parallel Session I (Chapel), Chair: Michael Tannenbaum




Jet properties from di-hadron correlations in p+p collisions at 200 GeV

Jan Rak ppt

Quarkonium Spectral Function from Anisotropic Lattice

Alexander Velytsky pdf

Open Charm and J/y Prodution at large rapidity in dAu collisions at RHIC

Ming Liu pdf

Heavy Quarkonia above Deconfinement

Agnes Mocsy ppt

Extract charm cross section from its semileptonic decay at RHIC

Yifei Zhang ppt

Heavy quark jet quenching with collisional plus radiative energy loss and path length fluctuations

Simon Wicks ppt

Azimuthal correlations between non-photonic electrons and charged hadrons in p+p and d+Au

Xiaoyan Lin ppt

Heavy quark energy loss and electromagnetic response in strongly coupled super-Yang-Mills fluid

Pavel Kovtun pdf





June 12, Monday, 3:30-6:10 PM

Parallel Session II (Sanderling), Chair: Daniel Cebra




Study of the medium modification of the away side jet in AuAu/CuCu collisions in PHENIX

Jiangyong Jia ppt

Near-side Delta eta correlations of high-pt hadrons from STAR

Joern Putschke ppt

Three-Particle Azimuthal Correlations from STAR

Jason Glyndwr Ulery ppt

Di-hadron azimuthal correlation and Mach-like cone structure in parton/hadron transport model

Guoliang Ma ppt

Extraction of jet topology using three particle correlations

Nuggehalli Ajitanand ppt

The Rapidity Twist : A Tomographic Signature of Hydro Initial Conditions at RHIC

Azfar Adil ppt

Two-particle azimuthal correlations at high transverse momentum in Pb-Au at 158 AGeV/c

Mateusz Ploskon pdf

Away-side distribution in a parton multiple-scattering model and a background-suppressed measure

Charles B. Chiu ppt





June 14, Wednesday, 3:30-6:10 PM

Parallel Session III (Chapel), Chair: Manuel Calderon




From di-hadron correlations to parton intrinsic transverse momentum in proton-proton collisions

George Fai ppt

Suppression of high pT non-photonic electrons in Au+Au collisions

Jaroslav Bielcik ppt

Overcoming the Fragility of Radiative Energy Loss

William Horowitz ppt

Identified baryon and meson pT distributions up to 12 GeV/c from Au+Au collisions at 200 GeV

Lijuan Ruan ppt

Quark-quark double scattering and modified (anti-)quark fragmentation funcitons

Ben-Wei Zhang ppt

Particle Species Dependence of Jet Fragmentation in Au+Au Collisions at PHENIX

Anne Sickles pdf

Formation time scaling and hadronization in cold nuclear matter

Alberto Accardi pdf

High-pT strange particle spectra and correlations in STAR

Jana Bielcikova ppt





June 14, Wednesday, 3:30-6:10 PM

Parallel Session IV (Sanderling), Chair: Yves Schutz




Direct Photon Production in Au+Au Collisions at RHIC-PHENIX

Tadaaki Isobe pdf

Baryon stopping in pA collisions

Javier L. Albacete ppt

Direct Photon Production in pp and d+Au Collisions Measured with the PHENIX Experiment

Dmitri Peressounko ppt

What does the r do? Lessons from NA60's di-muon measurement.

Joerg Ruppert ppt

Dielectron production in C+C collisions with HADES

Witold Przygoda ppt

Coherent multiple scattering effect on hadron production in DIS

Xiaofeng Guo pdf

Measurements of g-hadron correlations at RHIC in p+p and d+Au collisions

Subhasis Chattopadhyay ppt

J/psi production relative to the reaction plane in Pb-Pb collisions at CERN SPS

Francesco Prino pdf