HP2006 – Scientific Program



June 9, Friday


Afternoon (2:00 – 6:00) Arrival  and Registration


 Evening (7:30-9:30) Student Lectures (Curlew)

            Chair: Peter Jacobs

            Hard Processes in pQCD: Theory (60) (George Sterman) pdf

            Hard Processes in pQCD: Experiment (60) (Tom LeCompte) ppt


June 10, Saturday


Morning (9:00 -12:00) Opening (Chapel)

            Chair: Jurgen Schukraft

Welcome (5) (James Symons)

            Heavy-ion collisions: an Overview (45) (Thomas Ullrich) ppt

            Properties of QGP: A lattice perspective (40) (Frithjof Karsch) pdf

            --------------------------Break (10:30 -11:00) ----------------------------

            Generalizing the DGLAP evolution of fragmentation functions to the smallest x (30) (Bernd Kniehl) pdf

            EOS of QGP via hard probes (30) (Krishna Rajagopal) pdf


Afternoon: (1:30 -6:10) Jet Quenching I (Chapel)

            Chair: Itzhak Tserruya

            pQCD approach to parton propagation in medium (30)  (Ivan Vitev) ppt pdf

            Collective excitation induced by jets I (30) (Edward Shuryak) ppt

            High pT hadron correlations (30) (Rudy Hwa) ppt

High pT measurements at SPS (30) (Christoph Blume) ppt pdf

-----------------------Break (3:30-4:00) --------------------------------

Chair: John Harris

High-pT physics in PHENIX (35) (Wolf G. Holzmann) ppt

            High-pT physics in STAR (35) (Thomas Peitzmann) ppt pdf

            Nuclear modification of two-hadron correlations from HERMES (30) (Nicola Bianchi) ppt

            Nuclear effect in dAu collisions from the final RHIC data (30) (Peter Levai) pdf


Evening: (7:00-9:00) Outdoor reception by bonfire



June 11, Sunday


Morning (9:00-12:00) Jet Quenching II (Chapel)

            Chair: David d’Enterria

            Comparison of different three particle correlation analyses (30) (Marco van Leeuwen) ppt

Mach cones and dijets - jet quenching and fireball expansion dynamics (30) (Thorsten Renk) pdf

Jet Quenching and dihadron correlation (30) (Abhijit Majumder) pdf

--------------------------Break (10:30-11:00) ----------------------------

Hadron correlation and parton recombination (30) (Rainer Fries) ppt

Flow effects on jet profile (30) (Nestor Armesto) ppt


Afternoon (1:30 - 5:00) High pT Physics in the Forward Direction (Chapel)

            Chair: Dima Kharzeev

            High pT physics in the forward direction: Experiment (40) (Michael Murray) ppt

Particle production at LO and NLO in A+A collisions (30) (Raju Venugopalan) ppt

            Mid-forward azimuthal hadron correlation from STAR (20) (Fuqiang Wang) ppt

-----------------------Break (3:00-3:30) --------------------------------

Chair: Vladislav Pantuev

Evolution at small x: The Color glass condensate (30) (Heribert Weigert) pdf

High-energy pA collisions in CGC (30) (Kirill Tuchin) pdf

Particle correlations in saturated QCD matter (30) (Alex Kovner) pdf   


            Poster Session with reception (5:00-6:00) (Chapel)



June 12, Monday


Morning (9:00-12:00) Heavy Quark Production (Chapel)

            Chair: Ramona Vogt

            Heavy quark production: Theory (35) (Matteo Cacciari) pdf

            Heavy quark energy loss: Elastic vs. inelastic (25) (Magdalena Djordjevic) ppt

            Charm and intermediate mass dimuons in NA60 (30) (Andre David )ppt

            --------------------------Break (10:30-11:00) ----------------------------------

            Heavy-flavour physics in STAR (30) (Pibero Djawotho) ppt

            Heavy Quark production in PHENIX (30) (Alan Dion) pdf


Afternoon (1:30-3:00) Heavy Quark Production (Chapel)

            Chair: Enke Wang

            Suppression of heavy flavors at RHIC & LHC (30) (Carlos Salgado) pdf

            Suppression of heavy quarks in heavy-ion collisions (30) (Che-Ming Ko) pdf

            Heavy flavor measurements at RHIC in the near future (30) (Nu Xu) pdf


--------------------------Break (3:00-3:30) ----------------------------------


            3:30-6:00       Parallel Session (I & II)


Evening (8:00-10:00) Discussion Session on Parton Energy Loss (Sanderling)

            (Short 10-minute presentations followed by informal discussions)

            Chair: Berndt Muller

            Urs Wiedemann – Opacity Expansion ppt

            Ivan Vitev – GLV approach pdf

            Abhijit Majumder – Twist expansion pdf

            Sangyong Jeon – AMY approach pdf

            Magdalena Djordjevic – Radiative vs elastic I ppt

            Xin-Nian Wang – Radiative vs elastic II ppt



June 13, Tuesday


Morning (9:00-12:20)Quarkonium Production and Suppression (Chapel)

            Chair: Enrico Scomparin

            Review of quarkonium suppression (40) (Helmut Satz) pdf

            J/psi production in In-In and p-A collisions  in NA60 (30) (Roberta Arnaldi) ppt

            Quarkonium states at finite temperature (20) (Yuki Asakawa) ppt

            --------------------Break (10:30-11:00) -----------------------------------


            Chair: Jennifer Klay         

            Quarkonium states at finite temperature (20) (Takashi Umeda) ppt

            Quarkonium production in PHENIX (30) (Abigail Bickley) pdf

            Quarkonium suppression from SPS to RHIC (30) (Raphael Granier de Cassagnac) ppt



            Afternoon (1:30-5:30) Excursion with box lunch



June 14, Wednesday


Morning (9:00-12:00) Electromagnetic Probes (Chapel)

            Chair: Hans Specht

            Electromagnetic probes of strongly interacting QGP (30) (Joe Kapusta) ppt

            NA60 results on the rho spectral function in In-In collisions (30) (Sanja Damjanovic) ppt

            EM emission in pA at Fermilab (E706) (30) (Michael Begel) pdf

            -------------------Break (10:30-11:00) ----------------------------

            EM emission and quark number susceptibilities on lattice (30) (Sourendu Gupta) pdf

            Intermediate mass dileptons in heavy-ion collisions (30) (Charles Gale) ppt


Afternoon (1:30-3:00) Electromagnetic Probes (Chapel)

            Chair: Volker Koch


            Quarkonium production via recombination (30) (Robert Thews) pdf     

            Factorization of quarkonium production (30) (Jianwei Qiu) pdf

            Charmonium, open charm and beauty production at HERA-B (30) (Pietro Faccioli) pdf ppt

--------------------------Break (3:00-3:30) ----------------------------------


3:30-6:00       Parallel Session (III & IV)



June 15, Thursday


Morning (9:00-12:00) Electromagnetic Probes  (Chapel)

            Chair: Gerd Kunde

            EM probes in PHENIX (30) (Gabor David) ppt

            EM emission from parton cascade (30) (Steffen Bass) ppt

            Elliptic flow of thermal photons (30) (Ulrich Heinz) pdf

            -------------------Break (10:30-11:00) ----------------------------

            High pT photon production and jet quenching (30) (Sangyong Jeon) pdf

            Photon &  dilepton production at LHC (30) (Patrick Aurenche)pdf 


Afternoon (1:30-6:00) Hard Probes at LHC (Chapel)

            Chair: Boleslaw Wyslouch

            Hard probes at LHC: A theoretical perspective (30)  (Berndt Muller) ppt

            Charm and Beauty at LHC (30) (Andrea Dainese) ppt

            Hard probes capabilities of ALICE (30) (Andreas Morsch) ppt

            ---------------------Break (3:00-3:30)

            Hard probes capabilities of CMS (30) (Gunther Roland) pdf

            Hard probes capabilities of ATLAS (30) (Helio Takai) pdf


            Not a Summary Session (Chapel)

            Chair: Nestor Armesto

            Open questions in theory (30) (Urs Wiedemann) ppt

            Open questions in quarkonium and EM probes (30) (Carlos Lourenco) ppt

            Open questions in jets and heavy quarks (30) (Barbara Jacak) ppt


Conference Banquet at 6:00



June 16, Friday